Diane Thiel

Diane Thiel is the author of six books of poetry, nonfiction, and creative writing pedagogy: Echolocations (Nicholas Roerich Prize, 2000), Writing Your Rhythm (2001), The White Horse: A Colombian Journey (2004), Resistance Fantasies (2004), Crossroads: Creative Writing Exercises in Four Genres (Longman, 2005) and Open Roads: Exercises in Writing Poetry (Longman, 2005). Her work appears in major journals including Poetry, The Hudson Review,The Sewanee Review, Best American Poetry 1999, among numerous others, and is reprinted in more than 30 major anthologies, including Twentieth Century American Poetry (McGraw Hill, 2004) and Contemporary American Poetry (Longman, 2005). Thiel received her BA and MFA from Brown University and has traveled and lived in various countries in Europe and South America. She has been a professor of creative writing for more than 15 years. A recipient of numerous awards including the Robert Frost and Robinson Jeffers Awards, and a recent Fulbright Scholar, she is on the creative writing faculty at the University of New Mexico.

Winding Roads: Exercises in Writing Creative Nonfiction

Winding Roads - Exercises in Writing Creative Nonfiction

"Written by an award-winning author Diane Thiel, Winding Roads: Exercises in Composing Creative Nonfiction offers exciting and challenging exercises with accompanying models which help focus student writing and allow instructors to address specfic elements of writing creative nonfiction. Vital examples in an extensive selection of readings serve as models and exercises address each element of writing creative nonfiction separately, while building towards an understanding of all the elements which go into creating an effective piece of writing."

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Open Roads: Exercises in Writing Poetry

Open Roads - Exercises in Writing Poetry

"In Open Roads, a wealth of fresh and innovative writing exercises and a diverse anthology of poetic forms address specific elements of craft while sparking readers' imaginations and developing their writing skills. Clear, concise discussions of particular techniques of writing poetry are followed by practice of these individual techniques. An extensive anthology of both classic and contemporary poems features poems from Keats to Komunyakaa, and from Auden to Espaillat."

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The White Horse: A Columbian Journey

The White Horse - A Columbian Journey

"'What a beautiful book. I knew it was going to be poetic, but I was knocked over twice by its compelling narrative drive and quiet sense of humor.'—Sherman Alexie

Diane Thiel’s The White Horse: A Colombian Journey takes us on a magically real journey into the Pacific coast rain forests of Colombia. Equal parts travel narrative, ecological essay, historical account, and memoir, this book allows us to experience a reality stranger than fiction."

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