English Graduate Program Learning Outcomes

A. Knowledge: comprehend primary texts and master secondary texts

    1. Comprehension: Students will demonstrate comprehensive understanding of primary texts in the fields of British, Irish, and/or American literature.
    2. Hermeneutics, History, Theory: Students will demonstrate mastery of secondary texts, including literary history, literary criticism, and theory

B. Research: independently identify critical problems and research a contribution

    1. Independent Thinking and Critical Methods: Students will identify critical problems in the fields of British, Irish, and/or American literature and conduct independent research that utilizes the most relevant critical methods and tools.
    2. Intellectual Contribution: Students will advance the critical knowledge of a specialized field through their independent research, which contributes to a broader ongoing intellectual dialogue.

C. Composition/Presentation: formulate and present research in appropriate style

    1. Analysis, Evaluation, Synthesis: Students will demonstrate the ability to formulate and defend surprising, contestable, and critically significant arguments in which they analyze, evaluate, and synthesize material effectively.
    2. Mastery of Writing Style: Students will employ discipline-specific language in formal writing and oral presentations, including appropriate structures, form, rhetoric, style, and usage.

D. Professionalization: articulate academic and professional goals

    1. Professionalization: Students will attain advanced professionalization in the study of English through their courses of study and through the articulation of their academic, professional, and/or pedagogical goals. 

Last revised December 2016

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