Internship Checklist

To complete an Internship in English, students should submit the documents and materials listed below which are directly related to the internship. These materials constitute a thorough documentation of your experience, which will be valuable when you present your internship experience as a qualification or recommendation listed in a letter or resume or application for advanced study.

Note that, in cases where submission of this or that letter is not possible, substitutions may be arranged in conference with the Internship Director. If you decide to take the Internship Seminar (English 499), these documents will be required work to receive academic credit for that class. Interns should also consider sharing this checklist with prospective internship mentors as they negotiate the shape of the internship experience.

  • Letter/memo from your internship mentor at the beginning of the internship stating expectations for your work and the expected duration of the internship.
  • Letter/memo from you regarding your expectations for the internship and the expected duration; this letter/memo should be copied/shared with your mentor.
  • Letter/memo from your internship mentor at the completion of the internship (or at a point in the internship at which you have completed work significant enough to present as an “outcome” of the internship experience).
  • Portfolio of internship work or a general employment portfolio that includes work from the internship.
  • A brief report in memo format (from you to the Internship Instructor) of 2-3 pages in which you reflect on the internship experience. This report should refer to specific work (not everything, select the most important work) completed during the intern experience and should be presented as a cover memo for the internship portfolio required above.

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