British and Irish Literary Studies

Please watch for BILS courses in Fall 2021Spring 2022 featuring analysis and discussion of race.

A portion of a mural at the James Joyce Cultural Centre in Dublan, Ireland
Photo: Carolyn Woodward

The faculty of British/Irish Literary Studies (BILS) have expertise and interest in several periods, regions, and approaches to literary study. We are scholar-teachers of Medieval, Renaissance/Early Modern, 18th- and 19th-Century, Modern, and Postmodern literature and culture. Within these periods we focus on English, Irish, and British canons; comparative literature, both Continental/European and Transoceanic; and colonial and post-colonial writings, including Caribbean, Afro-British, and South Asian. Bridging these periods and regions are our shared investments in identity, especially gender, ethnicity, race, sexuality, and class; in language and form; and in cultural and literary theory. In our teaching and research, for example, many of us

… employ feminist, queer, and critical race studies.

… explore genre, such as the novel, drama, poetry, and epic.

… are interdisciplinary, including collaborations with faculty in History, Political Science, and Foreign Languages and Literature.

… are transhistorical, including studies of translation, appropriation, and adaptation.

For more information about us, use the dropdown menus available on this page – or swing by our office hours! We love what we do and would welcome the opportunity to tell you more about BILS and literary studies at UNM. We look forward to seeing you in class!

British and Irish Literary Studies Faculty

Director: Marissa Greenberg, Associate Professor

Jonathan Davis-Secord, Associate Professor

Aeron Haynie, Associate Professor

Matthew Hofer, Professor

Gail Houston, Professor

Feroza Jussawalla, Professor

Carmen Nocentelli, Associate Professor

Anita Obermeier, Professor

Nahir Otaño Gracia, Assistant Professor

Sarah Townsend, Assistant Professor

Belinda Deneen Wallace, Assistant Professor

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