The English Department is deeply involved in a number of facets of the wider community, on the University, City, State, and National levels.

The Rudolfo & Patricia Anaya Lecture on the Literature of the Southwest

Thanks to a generous contribution from the renowned fiction writer Rudolfo Anaya and his late wife Patricia Anaya, the UNM English Department established the Rudolfo & Patricia Anaya Lecture on the Literature of the Southwest in 2010. The annual lecture series brings together students, faculty, and community members to address the rich traditions of Southwest literature and new directions in literary and cultural scholarship for our dynamic region. The annual Anaya Lecture is free and open to the public. More information can be found on the Anaya Lecture page.

Visit the Rudolfo & Patricia Anaya Lecture website.

D. H. Lawrence Ranch Initiatives

Kiowa Ranch, more popularly known as the D.H. Lawrence Ranch, lies about 20 miles north of Taos, New Mexico, on Lobo Mountain near San Cristobal.  It was entrusted to the University of New Mexico in 1955 by D.H. Lawrence’s widow Frieda for the purpose of creating a public memorial to the author. The 160-acre ranch itself stands at at 8,500 feet above sea level and is administered by a committee co-chaired by Gary Smith, Associate Director of the Physical Plant Department, and Sharon Oard Warner, Professor Emerita in the Department of English Language and Literature.

Visit the D. H. Lawrence Ranch Initiatives website.

Institute for Medieval Studies

"The Institute for Medieval Studies at the University of New Mexico offers a variety of programs dedicated to university and civic outreach, as well as to the enrichment of scholarship, teaching, and research in the civilizations of medieval Europe and its neighbors from 500 to 1500. Through special student opportunities and advanced research activities, and through its links with graduate degree programs offered by UNM departments, the Institute is committed to furthering the transmission and preservation of our rich heritage from the Middle Ages. Our programs operate under the philosophy that the study of medieval culture provides a powerful vantage point from which to evaluate our own and other cultures and to reflect on the complexity of human behavior and institutions."

Visit the Institute for Medieval Studies website.

Translingual Literacy at UNM Digital Hub

"The mission of the Translingual Literacy Studies at UNM Digital Hub is to provide an open-source cross-institutional platform by curating and circulating resources within and beyond the UNM educational community for the purpose of research, scholarship, teaching, cultural performance, artistic expression, and community engagement.  [This] Digital Hub seeks to foreground the multiplicity of texts and ethnolinguistic strands that constitute civic pluralism.   

Translingual Literacy Studies engages the cultural, rhetorical, and linguistic resources across diverse discourse communities (codes, varieties, and dialects) in written and oral texts... [and] offers a dynamic digital space to share resources among scholars, teachers, artists, activists, community leaders, and citizens.

The Translingual Literacy Studies at UNM Digital Hub offers a descriptive and inductive approach to celebrating language diversity in order to explore the rich variations of transformational identity and social practice, eschewing more prescriptive and reductive modalities. 

This project seeks to make linguistic racism, sexism, and ethnocentrism visible, confront language myths and disabling fictions; stimulate rhetorical pluralism; affirm racial and ethnolinguistic-diversity; model generative discourses and efficacious literacy practices; connect historical civil rights narratives of justice to current problems and conversations; promote deliberative democratic practice in the public sphere."

Visit the Translingual Literacy at UNM Digital Hub website. 

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