Jonathan Davis-Secord

Jonathan Davis-Secord

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Medieval Studies

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Medieval Literature

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Office Location: Humanities 317/
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Dr. Jonathan Davis-Secord studies the literature of early medieval England, including works in Old English, early Middle English, Medieval Latin, and Old Norse. He is the author of Joinings: Compound Words in Old English Literature (UTP, 2016) and a variety of articles. Dr. Davis-Secord’s current research focuses on asking new questions of old texts through lenses such as trans studies and critical race theory.

Dr. Davis-Secord's publications include: "Holy Women on Display in Ælfric's Lives of Saints." In Textual Identities in Early Medieval England, edited by Jacqueline Fay, Rebecca Stephenson, and Renée Trilling (Boydell & Brewer, 2022); "Revising Race Laʒamon's Brut" JEGP 116 (2017); "Sequences and Intellectual Identity at Winchester" in Latinity and Identity in Anglo-Saxon England, edited by Rebecca Stephenson and Emily Thornbury, (Toronto, 2016); "Rhythm and Music: The Sequences of Notker Balbulus" The Journal of Medieval Latin, 22 (2012); "Scribal Interpretations of Genre in the Old English Boethius" Carmina Philosophiae: Journal of the International Boethius Society 19 (2010)"Rhetoric and Politics in Archbishop Wulfstan's Old English Homilies" Anglia: Journal of English Philology 126, no. 1 (2008).

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