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Mehdi Mohammadi is currently pursuing his doctoral journey in English: Rhetoric & Writing at the University of New Mexico, United States. Alongside his doctoral studies, he serves as a Core Writing instructor at the University of New Mexico. He holds a master’s degree in applied Linguistics with a focus on English Language Teaching and has a BA in English Language and Literature.

Mehdi Mohammadi's academic quest centres on the evolving landscape of Posthuman, New Materialist, and (Post)Digital Rhetoric. Within these scopes, he is exploring algorithms as Agentic Performative Rhetorical entities, probing posthuman fluid bodies, investigating distributed agencies and dispersed identities, examining cyber post-truth, and unravelling transjectivity and transcorporeality. Furthermore, in the realm of the philosophy of technology, he is particularly intrigued by postphenomenology and mediation theory.

In posthumanist rhetoric, his most recent scholarly pursuit delves into “Transjective-Holobiont Rhetoric.” This framework is born out of Christine Daigle's notion of “Transjectivity” and is further driven by Donna Haraway's concept of the “Holobiont,” which re-envisions rhetoric as an ecological interaction, encompassing a network of diverse human and nonhuman participants, and highlighting the complexity and fluid nature of meaning-making as a product of interconnected relationships within a communicative ecosystem.


"Embodiment in Posthuman Rhetoric," 2024:

"Rhetoric and Posthumanism", 2023:

"Examining Passage Dependency in IELTS Reading Comprehension Tests Through Its Relation to IQ: A Probe into Test-Taking Strategies", 2019:

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