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Peter White

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American Literary Studies

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Peter White serves as the Director of the New Mexico Musical Heritage Project. He has also acted as the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, where he created the Research Service Learning Program, which allows students to apply their research skills in the real-life settings of our diverse communities, and served as the Dean of University College. He has published a number of books: The Lore of New Mexico, co-authored with Marta Weigle, “Along the Rio Grande:” Cowboy Jack Thorp’s New Mexico, co-edited with Mary Ann White, Solving Problems in Technical Writing, co-edited with Lynn Beene, Puritan Poets and Poetics: Seventeenth-Century American Poetry in Theory and Practice, and Benjamin Tompson, Colonial Bard: A Critical Edition, as well as a large number of articles. In addition, Dr. White is a well-known maker of violins, violas, violoncellos, and mandolins.

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