Summer 2016 Course Descriptions

200-Level | 300-Level

224.001: Introduction to Creative Writing

Julie Shigekuni, 

This online introduction to creative writing will cover three genres: creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. The focus will be on inquiry and methods of investigation. We will begin by constructing a memory, which you will then recast as story, and as poetry. You will examine methods by which published authors of nonfiction, fiction, and poetry posit questions and search for answers. In turn you will experiment with elements of craft in your own writing. Coursework will consist of daily readings, online discussion, and short writing experiments.

200-Level | 300-Level

360.001: Shakespeare and Film

Instructor TBD, Instructor e-mail

Course Description:

388.010: Dickens and Film

Gail Houston,

Course Description:

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