Summer 2012 Course Descriptions

200-Level | 300-Level | 400-Level

295.001: Survey of Later English Literature

Summer Session II: MTWRF 11:40 am-1:40 p.m
Feroza Jussawalla

This is a survey of the second half of English Literature. We will be using the BIG HUGE Norton Anthology of English Literature VOL l1 and working our way up from the British Romantic poets ( perfect for summer reading), Victorians (maybe watch the new Great Expectations) to the Moderns, Conrad, Forster using the selections that are in the anthology! It will be a fun summer course. We will write two reaction response papers and one research paper on a topic of your choice. Come finish one of your requirements in this short summer course.

200-Level | 300-Level | 400-Level

360.001: Jane Austen Goes to the Movies

Summer Session I: MTWRF 9:20-11:20
Carolyn Woodward

You’re invited to a summer festival!  You’ll savor Austen’s words on the pages of her novels Pride & Prejudice, Mansfield Park, and Persuasion, and watch films inspired by Austen’s genius.  You’ll learn the technique of close reading of printed texts, as well as how to turn your critical eye to film clips.  You will study culture as it shapes stories, both print and film, and will gain strength in writing short research papers.  No exams.  Three papers.  Active class participation.

200-Level | 300-Level | 400-Level

418 001: Proposal and Grant Writing

Summer Session I: MTWR 9:20–11:50
Steve Benz

In this course you will learn how to write effective business and grant proposals and understand how to locate and evaluate requests for proposals to ensure that the proposals you write successfully persuade a client or funder to fund your project. You will also analyze existing proposals to understand the persuasive moves they make. During the course you will learn how to

  • Develop a clear description of the problem
  • Offer achievable objectives
  • Design a logical solution
  • Create specific and accurate budgets
  • Present your organization powerfully
  • Employ principles of persuasion and document design

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