Victoriano Cárdenas

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The path to another reality begins in New Mexico. Loretta Pacheco is an engineer at Santa Fe’s most awarded employer—alternative energy car manufacturer, Vorna Laboratories. One night as she’s driving home from work, Loretta swerves to avoid a boy in the road, and crashes into the culvert off Highway 74. When she comes to in the hospital, the police doubt her story—they found no boy on the side of the highway: just her, and her totaled car. Loretta, frustrated, seeks out answers on her own, but she finds more than she bargains for as she delves into the mystery of Eminent Domain. 

Eminent Domain is a science-fiction Audible Original recorded on-location in binaural audio, making the production one of a kind. From original co-creators Warren Langford and Michael Martinez, Eminent Domain was produced, written and cast entirely in New Mexico. Langford brought Victoriano Cárdenas onto the project in 2018 to write and construct story elements based on his and Martinez’ original notes.

Cárdenas graduated the Creative Writing Program at the University of New Mexico in 2020, having served as former Editor-in-Chief of Blue Mesa Review. Cárdenas’ influences lie in the Norteño/genízaro folklore tradition in which he was raised. 

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