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Carolyn  Woodward

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British and Irish Literary Studies


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Professor Woodward has been teaching courses in Enlightenment, the early development of fiction, Jane Austen, and women writers since 1987, when she came to UNM from the University of Washington, where she published Changing Our Power: An Introduction to Women Studies (Kendall-Hunt).  She is part of the field group BIEN, British and Irish Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Studies.   She presented “The Cry: Sarah Fielding and Jane Collier’s Adventures in Metafiction” at Sarah Fielding and Eighteenth-Century Women's Writing: An Anniversary Conference held November 5-6, 2010, at Chawton House Library, Hampshire, England   Two recent articles deal with a problematics of authorship: “Sarah Fielding, The Modern Figure of the Author, and the Case of The Histories of Some of the Penitents of the Magdalen House” (English: Journal of the English Association, 2009) and “Crossing Borders with Mademoiselle de Richelieu: Fiction, Gender, and the Problem of Authenticity” (Eighteenth-Century Fiction, 2004).  Another article, “Jane Collier, Sarah Fielding, and the Motif of Tormenting” (The Age of Johnson, 2005), is part of her current book project, in which she considers the friendship, writing endeavors, and urban life that Sarah Fielding and Jane Collier shared in mid-eighteenth century London.

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