Graduate Student Success Conference Showcases English Students and Faculty

English department graduate students and faculty participated in UNM’s Graduate Student Success Conference on February 17th. Centered around keynote speaker Dr. Karen Kelsky of “The Professor is In,” participants engaged in lively discussion on topics relevant to graduate students and faculty across disciplines. Topics ranged from job market strategies to teaching to questioning graduate student pedagogy.

The conference provided a much-needed platform for graduate student and faculty discussion on issues that impact academics at all stages of their careers.

The English department was well-represented. Dr. Aeron Haynie and Dr. Erin Lebacqz presented as part of a “College Teaching: Tips on the Job Market” panel, while Dr. David Dunaway participated on the “Academic Publishing” panel. Graduate students also participated, with American Literary Studies PhD students David Puthoff, Lauren Perry, and Laurie Lowrance presenting a panel on “Teaching Graduate Students: Issues and Best Strategies,” pictured above.