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Professor Emerita Publishes Chapter

British and Irish Literary Studies Professor Emerita, Feroza Jussawalla has written a chapter entitled, “Teaching the Cousinship of Experience: The Postcolonial Bildungsroman across Time and Cultures” in Teaching South Asian Anglophone Diasporic Literature edited by Nalini Iyer, Pallavi Rastogi. Published in 2024 by the Modern Language Association (MLA), the book adopts an intersectional approach that considers the historical and material circumstances surrounding cultural creation, the settings in which education occurs, and the varied perspectives of both educators and students. It aims to foster a profound connection with texts that offer insights unique to the South Asian diasporic experience, emphasizing both personal and political aspects. Moreover, the book encourages thoughtful examination of other literary traditions in our era of growing global migration and diaspora.

In her chapter, Jussawalla explains how to teach Postcolonial diaspora novels to make them relevant to our Hispanic students. She also describes how she employs the “reaction/response” essay assignment. For additional details, click here.