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Term Teaching Faculty Publishes Translation

Instructor, Ying Xu’s translation of Leslie Marmon Silko’s Ceremony was published in China by Zhejian Arts and Literature Publishing Press, a prestigious publisher of Chinese literature and world literature. Xu’s translation is the first Chinese translation of Silko’s work.

Ceremony is a Native American novel about a battered World War II veteran of mixed ancestry who returns to the Laguna Pueblo Reservation to heal his mind and spirit.

From Penguin Random House:

Leslie Marmon Silko was born in 1948 to a family whose ancestry includes Mexican, Laguna Indian, and European forebears. She has said that her writing has at its core “the attempt to identify what it is to be a half-breed or mixed-blood person.” As she grew up on the Laguna Pueblo Reservation, she learned the stories and culture of the Laguna people from her great-grandmother and other female relatives. After receiving her B. A. in English at the University of New Mexico, she enrolled in the University of New Mexico law school but completed only three semesters before deciding that writing and storytelling, not law, were the means by which she could best promote justice. Prior to the writing of Ceremony, she published a series of short stories, including “The Man to Send Rain Clouds.” She also authored a volume of poetry, Laguna Woman: Poems, for which she received the Pushcart Prize for Poetry.