Medievalists Represent UNM English at Medieval Conference

English medievalists presented papers, organized, and presided over sessions at the 58th International Congress on Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University, both in person and virtually.

The following papers were presented:

Averie Basch: “Tracing the Morrigan from Goddess to Sorceress: How a Deity was Demoted to a Misunderstood Antagonist”

Jessie Bonafede: “Negotiating Romance for Fifteenth-Century Audiences: An Analysis of the Turk as Renegade in The Turke and Sir Gawain

Jonathan Davis-Secord: “Trans Saints in Old English”

Kevin Scott Jackson: “The King’s Watchful Care: Sight and Power in Beowulf

Doaa Omran: “The Assertive Women Poets of al-Andalus”

Anita Obermeier and Doaa Omran organized four sessions featuring scholars from all over the world:

Assertive Medieval Women across the Globe I: The European North (Presider Doaa Omran)

Assertive Medieval Women across the Globe II: The European South (Presider Jessie Bonafede)

Assertive Medieval Women across the Globe III: Women, Power, and Politics (A

Roundtable)  (Presider Anita Obermeier)

Assertive Medieval Women across the Globe IV: Women, Poetry, and Art (A 

Roundtable) (Presider Doaa Omran)

Jessie Bonafede also presided over the session “Medieval and Early Modern Relationships”