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English Majors Publish in UNM Student Publications

Each year, the English Department is pleased to share the outstanding contributions that our English majors make, through publication of their work and as staff, to three student publications: Scribendi, Conceptions Southwest and Limina.


Staff Choice Award: Andrew L. Sowers for “Gathering Up; Holding On” and WRHC Award Winner: Addison Fulton for “Adam and Eve File for Divorce”

Conceptions Southwest

English Department Award Winner​: Zara Roy for “Lovescenes”  

​Robin Babb “Unfamiliar Territory”​

​Tessa Keenan “The Things We Ask to Hold Us”​

​Julia Langeway “Sirena”​

Camila Seluja “Scarlet Fever Has a Crush on Me and Won’t Let Go”​ and “Somewhere Up North There’s a Place Called Kincardine”​

Andrew Sowers “Ascension in Fall”​ and “Loneliness”


Spenser Willden “Territory”

Camilla Seluja “Montclaire and Lead”

English Department Students as Editorial Staff


Ethan Ward, Managing Editor​

John Scott, Digital Editor​

Madi Hogans​

Reyes Reynaga​

Samantha Sena, Office Manager

Conceptions Southwest:

Sierra Martinez, Editor in Chief​

Spenser Willden, Managing Editor​

Alexis Pierce, Digital Editor​

Megan Blodgett, Staff​

Addison Fulton, Staff​

Charlotte Gates, Staff​

Kelsa Mendoza, Staff​

Ethan Ward, Staff


Charlotte Gates, Editor​

John Scott, Editor