Medieval Studies Graduate Students Conduct Outreach with APS

The Institute of Medieval Studies at UNM runs a unique Medieval Outreach Program to the Secondary Schools, in which graduate students work closely with fellow educators at secondary schools to develop interactive educational experiences for secondary students in the classroom and at UNM. Presenters included PhD students in Medieval studies: Andrew Fields; Sara Flores; and Kathlyn Marston, as well as Cody West, a new MA student in Medieval Studies. Lukus Malaney, a Medieval Studies MA alumnus, and current PhD candidate, Jessie Bonafede also presented. Speakers delivered in-class presentations on topics ranging from Beowulf, Old English, manuscripts, paleography, and preservation, Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales, Pilgrimage, Archbishop Thomas Becket, relics, gender, and literary genres of epic, romance, and fabliau.

Jessie Bonafede, who is working on a PhD in Medieval Studies, has been the IMS Outreach Fellow for the past three years. She reported that, “as like many community-engaged programs, the pandemic really slowed down what we were able to offer. Pre-pandemic, we were able to engage with 11 different high schools across Albuquerque and over 800 students. Since the pandemic, we have only been able to operate in a limited capacity, offering class presentations over Zoom and remote pen pal opportunity; but now as we get back in the classrooms, I have been ecstatic to see our opportunities for participating with APS grow.” Bonafede reports that the Medieval Outreach program has reached some 300 students by visiting with Cibola High School, Sandia High School, and Volcano Vista High School during the Fall 2022 semester.

Sara Flores (pictured left) and Jessie Bonafede (pictured right)
Cody West (left) and Jessie Bonafede (right) presenting
Jessie Bonafede presenting
Sara Flores (left) and Kathlyn Marston (right)
Cody West presenting
Jessie Bonafede (left), Kathlyn Marston (center), and Sara Flores (right) presenting
Lukus Malaney
Sara Flores (left), Jessie Bonafede (center), and Kathlyn Marston (right)