Faculty and Graduate Students Participate in RMMLA Conference

Several English Department Faculty and Graduate Students attended, presented, and participated in the 75th Annual Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association (RMMLA) Convention held in Albuquerque.

Dr. Mimi Gladstein, Alumna and Donor to UNM English department, gave the main keynote speech in the Sterling Keynote Panel and Opening Reception.

Feroza Jussawalla, BILS Professor Emerita, along with alumna of medieval studies, Doaa Omran, and UNM English Instructor, Ying Xu presented in a panel entitled, “Contextualizing Literatures: Cross-cultural Critical Approaches.” Omran chaired this panel as well as presented, “Exploring the Egyptian Abdel- Aziz Hamouda’s Critical Trilogy: The Concave Lens, The Convex Lens and The Maze.” Jussawalla presented, “The Critical Eye: Reading from a Cultural Perspective.” Xu presented, “A Pale Cadaver and an Aroused Phantom: Naturalism and Feminist shengji (Livelihood) in Xiao Hong’s The Field of Life and Death (1934).” Jussawalla has long wanted to create research on non-European critical theoretical models. As such, together, they presented papers on Indian, Arabic and Chinese literary critical approaches.

Katherine Alexander, alumna and current Instructor, chaired the “Chinese Literature Before 1900, Session II” panel and presented, “Poetry for Children: Teaching with Literature in the late Qing,” in the “Chinese Literature Before 1900” session IV.

Bee Chamcharatsri, Rhetoric and Writing Associate Professor, presented, “Creative Writing for Multilingual Writers in First-Year Writing Classrooms: A Translanguaging Approach” in the “Beyond the Frontier: First Year Composition” session IV.

Brandy Reeves, American Literature PhD Student, presented “Harjo’s Mother: Settler Colonial Violence of the Native Women’s Body,” in the “Western, Southwestern, Chicano and Native American Literature” session I.

Anne Turner, Rhetoric and Writing PhD Student, chaired “Teaching English Composition” panel and presented, “A Pedagogy of Accessibility: Systemic Change for Disabilities in the Online Composition Classroom.”

Chrysta Wilson, American Literature PhD Candidate, presented, “Less Than Perfect: Mestizaje, Monstrosity, and the Defective Male Body in Ernest Hogan’s High Aztech,” in the session, “Science Fiction Literature and Film.” 

Alumna, Lauren Perry-Rummel (Ph.D. in English, UNM 2021),  and Dr. Shelli Rottschafer (Ph.D., UNM 2005) presented at the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association on a panel organized by Dr. Rottschafer, entitled, “Human Ties: Memoir, Language, and Identity, Subcategory Panel of the Association of the Study of Literature and the Environment (ASLE)”. Perry-Rummel’s work focused on Terry Tempest William’s Refuge (1991), while Rottshafer’s presentation focused on Querencia in Kali Fajardo-Anstine’s Sabrina y Corina.

Drs. Perry-Rummel and Rottschafer were joined by Dr. Casey Kile Citrin (Albuquerque Academy) and Dylan Couch (University of Idaho).