Rhetoric and Writing Represents at This Year’s CCCC

Three members of the University of New Mexico’s Rhetoric and Writing community participated in the 2022 Virtual Annual Convention for the Conference of College Composition and Communication (CCCC), where Anita Hill was the keynote speaker.

Cristyn Elder, Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Writing and member of the College Composition and Communication Editorial Board, was a speaker at a session entitled, “Mutuality and Equity through Intergenerational Exchange.”

Julianne Newmark, Rhetoric and Writing Principal Lecturer and Assistant Chair for Core Writing at UNM, spoke at the “Making Indigenous Space in Higher Education” session and was one of three roundtable leaders in a session about “Designing New Approaches to Teaching with Undergraduate Research Journals and Publications.

PhD candidate, Sofia Tarabrina presented, “Peer Review Modes in a Technical Writing Class: Which One to Choose to Achieve Inclusivity?” at a session about “Designing Peer Review, Reflective Writing, and ePortfolios for Inclusion and Metacognition.”