MFA Student Wins Scholarship Award

MFA student and creative nonfiction writer, Vera Clyne took 2nd Place in the 2022 Larry Morris Memorial Scholarship sponsored by the Hillside Community Church in Albuquerque. The 2022 Larry Morris Memorial Scholarship Committee shares that “although [Clyne’s] project was not chosen for this year’s full Larry Morris Memorial Scholarship, based on the strength, originality, and significance of [her] proposal, [they] decided to expand the funding this year to include a 2nd place award…Over the years, [they] have had many candidates with outstanding proposals, across several fields of study… [Clyne’s] stands out as an original spiritual creative work that is particularly timely in 2022 as we move through another year of Pandemic, when so many have lost their ‘voice’ in medical crises and when pregnancy and birth carries new risks in a time of collective grief and struggle for control, and when as a culture, we risk the very confusion [Clyne] ha[s] experienced in sorting through our future post-Pandemic intergenerational trauma. [They] feel [Clyne’s] book holds potential for a deepening understanding of the spiritual process of healing in the 21st Century that likely involves a learning and unlearning of spiritual practices and mythologies from a broader global base than in previous centuries and most certainly includes the timeless themes of family, ‘faith, betrayal and recovery, and meditation on spirit”, as we strive to rebuild both collective and individual spiritual foundations relevant to humanity’s future.”

Read more about Clyne’s award through the Larry Morris Memorial Scholarship’s website.