Medievalists Participate in Conferences

Anita Obermeier, Professor of Medieval Studies, and Nahir Otaño Gracia, Assistant Professor of Medieval Studies and British and Irish Literary Studies, participated in the 46th Sewanee Medieval Colloquium virtually.

Anita Obermeier chaired the session “Placing Middle English Literature” and acted as the respondent to the papers in the session “Medievalisms”, which included “A Connecticut Yankee in Abelard’s Cloister: A Dialogue between a Medievalist and Civil War Historian from Abigail P. Dowling and Sarah E. Gardner, Mercer University, and “Women’s Positions, Men’s Privilege, and Meghan Purvis’s Beowulf” from Emily McLemore, University of Notre Dame.

Nahir Otaño Gracia presented her paper, “Imperial Ambitions and the Ethics of Power: Gender, Race, and the Exclusionary Practices of Medieval Arthuriana” in the session “The Ethics of Arthur: Medieval and Medievalist.” She also introduced the keynote speaker Seeta Chaganti, University of California, Davis.

Both Obermeier and Otaño Gracia furthermore participated in the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Medieval Academy of America. Anita Obermeier chaired the session “Migration Myths,” and Nahir Otanño Gracia participated the Roundtable, “Graduate Medievalists and the Institutions We Work In: Community and Activism.”