RW Professor Publishes Book on Latina Leadership

Michelle Hall Kells published book co-edited with Laura Gonzales, an Assistant Professor at the University of Florida, Latina Leadership: Language and Literacy Education Across Communities, which focuses on the narratives, scholarly lives, pedagogies, and educational activism of established and emerging Latina leaders in K-16 edu­cational environments. As the first edited collection foregrounding the voices of Latina educators who talk back to, with, and for themselves and the student communities with whom they work, this volume highlights the ways in which these leaders shape educational practices. Contributors il­lustrate, through their grounded stories, how they navigate institutionalized oppression while sustaining themselves and their communities both in and outside of the academy. The collection also outlines the many identities em­bedded within the term “Latina,” showcasing how Latina scholars grapple with various experiences while seeking to remain accountable to each other and to their families and communities. This book serves as a model and a source of support for emerging Latina leaders who can learn from the stories shared in this volume.