Principal Lecturer Publishes Issue of Interdisciplinary Journal

The journal Xchanges, of which Principal Lecturer Julianne Newmark is Editor-in-Chief, has a new issue out. Xchanges--and this issue in particular–has deep ties to UNM’s English Department. One of Xchanges‘s managing editors, Brian Hendrickson, is a graduate of UNM’s Ph.D. program, Hendrickson and co-managing-editokr Al Harahap have brought together three strong graduate-student articles in this issue, one by UNM English MA alumna Kelli Lycke-Martin. Hendrickson and Harahap also asembled for this issue a vitally important 11-entry symposium of graduate-student reflections on the status of graduate students in Writing Studies today (regarding dis/ability, labor, racism, sexism, motherhood, and more).  

Xchanges, founded in 2001 by Dr. Newmark, is an interdisciplinary Technical Communication, Writing/Rhetoric, and Writing Across the Curriculum journal, which publishes two issues annually from its home in the English Department at the University of New Mexico.  The Fall issue each year features undergraduate research.  The Spring issue features graduate-student research.  In each undergraduate issue, Xchanges publishes theses and research projects of upper-level undergraduate students.  The graduate-student issues feature MA- and Ph.D.-level original research from emerging professionals in Xchanges’s focal fields.