Announcements, Awards

RW Associate Professor Receives Departmental Elizabeth Wertheim Faculty Research Award

Associate Professor of Rhetoric and Writing, Tiffany Bourelle is the recipient of the 2019 Wertheim Research Award, an award that is given to senior faculty for noteworthy contributions to the English Department and UNM at large. In 2018, Bourelle published the co-edited volume, Women’s Professional Lives in Rhetoric and Composition: Choice, Chance, and Serendipity (The Ohio State University Press), two more articles, and co-edited a special issue of Computers and Composition on user-centered design and usability in the composition classroom. In addition to Dr. Bourelle’s exceptional research, the department would like to acknowledge with this award the outstanding work she has done with eComp in general and the online and technical communication pedagogy courses for our department’s TAs.