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MFA Graduate Student Announced New Executive Editor

In December 2019, Skull + Wind Press announced MFA Poetry Student, Tori Cárdenas as their new Executive Editor.

Skull + Wind was founded in 2019 by University of New Mexico alum, Trevor Ketner. Also a former Poetry Intern at Blue Mesa Review, Trevor is a non-binary poet, critic, seven-year publishing professional, and born-and-raised Burqueñx. Their vision for Skull + Wind comes out of their experience working for amazing literary organizations wherever they go.

Skull + Wind’s mission is to nurture a literary community that is inclusive of everyone currently writing in Albuquerque or the Southwest: ‘We hope, in small but growing ways, to do what we can to amplify voices that have been neglected, to open up the idea of what an inclusive literature looks like, and to make ourselves into something that every city, but especially Albuquerque, needs—a literary hub with resources for our community.’ 

Tori, UNM alum, Blue Mesa Editor in Chief, and returning MFA candidate, will step up as Skull + Wind’s Executive Editor and touchstone in Albuquerque. You can read more about their hopes and plans for building the press’ presence in Albuquerque on Skull + Wind’s weekly blog, Tuesdays with Tori, during the month of December. 

The press’ first book, “Who Speaks for Us Here” by Leslie Contreras, will release in March 2020. You can pre-order it, learn more about the press, submit, and donate at