ALS Doctoral Student Receives Lydia Maria Child Society’s 2019 Social Justice Award

Congratulations to David Puthoff, who is the 2019 graduate recipient of the Lydia Maria Child Society’s Social Justice Award. This nationally-competitive award recognizes students, faculty, and other scholars “whose work reflects Child’s fierce commitment to equity and social progress.” 

From the Society’s website: “David’s dissertation focuses on grassroots interracial solidarity as represented in nineteenth-century African American literature, and his own commitment to solidarity is broadly evident. He is working to make the process of teaching writing more accessible and social justice-oriented in his roles as Core Writing Coordinator in his department and executive board member of the New Mexico chapter of the National Council of Teachers of English…He volunteers with the childcare collective FAM (Free Access to Movements), members of which have presented to and collaborated with his classes alongside Save the Kids, an organization that works to end the school-to-prison pipeline. Finally, David is a founding member of the John Brown Breakfast Club, which provides warm meals and know-your-rights trainings to the Albuquerque community, housed and unhoused, documented and undocumented.”

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