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Two English Department PhD Students Awarded Bilinski Fellowships

Leandra Binder, PhD Candidate of British and Irish Literary Studies, and Dalicia Raymond, PhD student of Medieval Studies, were both recently awarded the prestigious Bilinski Fellowship in support of their doctoral dissertations. With a fourth gift of $470,000, the Bilinski Educational Foundation continues to recognize excellent doctoral students in the humanities at UNM. Thirty-eight doctoral students have already completed their dissertations and degrees supported by Russell J. and Dorothy S. Bilinski Fellowships. The 2019 recipients for the Bilinski Fellowship stand out for their potential impact on both scholarship and community. Leandra Binder (English) focuses on aesthetics and the abject in late nineteenth century Decadent literature. Dalicia Raymond (English) is producing a study of the representation of love magic and the discomfort with which it is treated in high and late medieval romances from continental and insular Europe.