In 2017, Department Chair and Professor of Medieval Stuides, Anita Obermeier presented four different papers in four different countries.

“Putative Transvestite Seducers in Medieval Literature.” Annual Meeting of the Medieval Association of the Pacific, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, March 2017.

“Fertility and Sterility in Medieval Myths and Modern Movies.” Annual Meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association, Universiteit Utrecht, Netherlands, July 2017.

“Medieval Empress Cunegund’s Sterility as Disability in Karla Weigand’s Die Heilerin des Kaisers.” 32ndInternational Conference on Medievalism, University of Salzburg, Austria, July 2017.

“The 19th-Century German Translations of William Rowley’s The Birth of Merlin.” XXVth Congress of the International Arthurian Society. University of Würzburg, Germany, July 2017.