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ALS Professor Publishes Chapter on US Latinidad

Dr. Jesse Alemán has published a chapter in a new book that reconfigures the periodization of American literary history. Alemán’s chapter, “The Age of US Latinidad,” challenges canonical American literary history by re-reading the long nineteenth century through the literary and print culture of Latino/as living in the United States at the time. Alemán presents US Latinidad as an alternative conceptual model for researching and teaching American literature; it’s a model that moves away from the Anglocentricism of standard literary periodization and posits instead an understanding of how our current Latinx demographics demand an approach to literature written in the United States that conceptualizes Latinidad as a recurring, transformative presence in American literary culture. We not only live in an era of US Latindad now, Alemán argues, but there was an age of Latinidad in the nineteenth century as well that presents an entirely different model of periodization for romanticism, race, slavery, and empire in American literatures. You can find his chapter in Cody Marr’s and Christopher Hager’s new collection, Timelines of American Literature (Johns Hopkins University Press).