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PhD Candidate Presents at UNM Shared Knowledge Conference

Given only three minutes, PhD candidate of Medieval Studies, Doaa Omran presented on her thesis as part of the Shared Knowledge conference.  Sponsored by Graduate Studies, “The Shared Knowledge Conference is an annual celebration of UNM graduate students and their outstanding research and scholarship. The conference provides a venue for students to engage with the UNM and larger New Mexican communities, to cross the borders that too-often divide academia from the larger world and in so doing spark conversations and work together for a world of equity, innovation, discovery, and growth.” The conference showcases graduate student work through Poster Sessions, where students set up an informational booth to explain their thesis to passers-by; and LoboBites, which are compelling, easily digestible three minute presentations on a thesis, dissertation, or other substantial research project.

Omran presented on her dissertation, which examines and discusses female hero archetypes, with a focus on two medieval comparable genres: the Arabic sira, and its European counterpart, the romance. Omran compares the different versions of Arthurian romances from England, Germany, and France with the Arabic siras of Sayf Bin Dhi Yazan and The Princess of High Resolve, which are two works that haven’t been completely translated into English. Through her comparison, she is able to broaden the scope and analyze nine prominent archetypes that constitute female heroism in both traditions. Her research theorizes the two problematic terms: archetype and motif.