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Two Graduate Students Present at UNM Conference

David Puthoff and Karra Shimabukuro both presented at the Spring 2017 Shared Knowledge Conference, which was an exciting demonstration of research excellence from UNM graduate students. This years’ conference consisted of two showcases,  In contrast to past years’ conferences, the Spring 2017 conference consisted of two showcases:

A series of  poster presentations by graduate students from programs across campus and undergraduates from selected programs nominated by their academic department.  David Puthoff’s poster presentation at the Shared Knowledge Conference was entitled, “Fascism in English: Or, What We Talk About When We Talk About the Far Right.” It was a study of the origins and uses of the word fascism in the English language.

The other showcase was LoboBITES, which were three-minute presentations on a thesis, dissertation, or other substantial research project. To be successful, students must present their research in a compelling and easily digestible way, using language and terms appropriate for a general, non-academic audience. Presentations were strictly limited to 3 minutes or less. Two points were deducted from total score for every five seconds a student exceeded the time limit. Students were allowed to include one static image (such as a photograph or PowerPoint slide) for their presentation, but could not utilize PowerPoint, Prezi, or other multi-slide presentations. The primary mode of communication had to be verbal. A prop or other visual aid was allowed, but only to serve as a supplement to the larger presentation, not the focus. Karra made it all the way to the LoboBites final round as the only representative of the Humanities.