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PhD Candidate Publishes a Chapter in a Volume Discussing Mary Shelley and Her Works

Katherine Alexander, along with five alumnae Ph.D. student contributors (Stacey Kikendall, Ashley Carlson, Calinda Shely, Robin Runia, Christine Kozikowski) have recently had chapters published in Critical Insights–Mary Shelley. The volume was edited by Virginia Brackett and published by Salem Press. Best known as the author of the ubiquitous Gothic novel, Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus, Mary Shelley lived an eventful, though grief-stricken life, between troubled finances, her father’s disownment, and the death of multiple children. Topics discussed in the Critical Insights compilation include autobiographical elements and themes in Mary Shelley’s work, the influence of Frankenstein today, and Shelley’s relationship with her husband, Romantic poet-philosopher Percy Bysshe Shelley. A writer whose biographical details historically attracted as much attention as her art, Shelley has garnered an enthusiastic twenty-first century critical reception for her expanded collection of work, which includes six novels and one novella, dozens of short stories, essays, poetry, travel pieces, and children’s literature. This volume embraces both, celebrating the traditional approach to reading Shelley, while also introducing young readers to more recent interests surrounding her writing. Each essay complements the others, relating through a rich offering of theory and illustration. The result is a tapestry of readings that will interest any reader, whatever her level of previous knowledge about Shelley’s work.

Additionally, Katherine Alexander was recently awarded the Graduate Success Scholarship for $6500. Congratulations, Katherine, on all of your achievements!