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Alemán Publishes Co-Edited Volume on 19th-Century Latino/as

Jesse Alemán, professor in American Literary Studies, announces the publication of his co-edited collection, with Rodrigo Lazo (UC-Irvine), titled The Latino Nineteenth Century (NYU Press). The collection of essays retells U.S., Latin American, and Latino/a literary history by way of archival research, comparative analysis, and the recovery of lost or forgotten nineteenth-century Latino/a lives, writings, readers, and authors. Among the collection is Dr. Alemán’s article on the lives and writings of the brothers Cavada, two Cubans who were born in Cuba, raised in Philadelphia, and joined the Union cause during the Civil War before returning to the island to lead a rebellion against Spain.

NYU Press bills the book as “a long-overdue corrective to the Anglophone and nation-based emphasis of American literary history. Contributors track Latino/a lives and writing through routes that span Philadelphia to San Francisco and roots that extend deeply into Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South Americas, and Spain.”

The Latino Nineteenth Century may be purchased via NYU Press’ website and Dr. Alemán will feature much of this new turn in the field in his Spring 2017 class, The Latino Nineteenth-Century (English 468/568).