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Graduate Students Participate in British and Irish Studies Symposium

A Symposium on British and Irish Literary Studies was recently held at the end of September that showcased a variety of presentations. The Symposium was titled, “The Long Reach of British and Irish Studies” and featured presentations from several graduate students, as well as a visiting presenter from the University of Colorado.


Emma Mincks (far left), Jerry Lavin (back left), Jared Sassone-Hugh (back right), Dalicia Raymond (front left), Kelly Hunnings (front right), Sinae Kang (far right)

The following are the presentations given by a graduate student panel:


Sinae Kang, Kelly Hunnings, and Jerry Lavin being introduced by Professor Belinda Wallace

Kelly Hunnings presented, “Patronage & Poetic Paternity: The Case of Mary Barber, 1725-1755”

Sinae Kang,  “Excavating Selves: Deep Time, Imagined Undergrounds, and Phantasmagoric Modern Subjectivity in H. Rider Haggard’s She.”

Jerry Lavin, “Þe Forme to þe Fynisment Foldez Ful Selden: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight  and the Dynamics of Performance.”


Dalicia Raymond, Emma Mincks, and Jarad Sassone-McHugh preparing to present

Emma Mincks, “Gender Reversals, Subversive Moral Transactions in Mary Barton

Dalicia Raymond,  “Dressed to the Nines:  Attire and Spiritual Morality in Pearl, Cleanness, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Jarad Sassone-McHugh, “Modernist Machinery and Yeats’s Search for a Romantic Object” on two Yeats poems”.

Janice Ho, Professor of British Literature at the University of Colorado

On the 2nd evening of the Symposium, Professor Janice Ho from the University of Colorado spoke on “The Social Imaginaries of Welfare from Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway  to Zadie Smith’s NW.