Announcements, Presentations

48th Annual Meeting of the RMMRA

Pictured, from top left to right: Jerry Lavin, Jessica Troy, Lisa Myers, Kevin Jackson, Anita Obermeier, Jonathan Davis-Secord, Justin Larsen, Emily Frontiere, Abigail Robertson, Alex Ukropen

Ten English Department Faculty and Graduate Students attended, presented, and participated in the organization of the 48th Annual Meeting of the Rocky Mountain Medieval & Renaissance Association. The conference, entitled, “The Past, Present, and Future of Medieval and Renaissance Texts” was held at UNM on June 16th through the 18th.

Anita Obermeier, current chair of the department, presented “Wynkyn de Worde’s ‘a lytel treatyse of ye byrth and prophecye of marlyn’ as Medieval/Renaissance Linking Text”;

Assistant Professor Jonathan Davis-Secord presented “Looking at Ladies in Ælfric’s Lives of Saints”;

Jessica Troy, candidate for a PhD in Medieval Studies presented “Bede’s Prose Life of St. Cuthbert: Dissecting the Corpse of St. Cuthbert”;

“Dangerous Entities: Crossing into the Territory of the Other” was presented by graduate student, Alex Ukropen;

PhD student, Jerry Lavin presented “The Economic Foundation of Northumbria’s Golden Age”;

Graduate student, Emily Frontiere presented “Bede’s Jewish Inspiration”;

“Making the Case for David: A Reexamination of Intertextuality in Beowulf 2444–2451a” was presented by Kevin Jackson, a PhD student;

Lisa Myers, a Term Teaching Instructor, was the presider for “Christians’ Views of Others [Acoma A]”;

“More than the Sum of Its Parts: The Material Culture of the Exeter Book” presented by PhD candidate, Justin Larsen;

And PhD student, Abigail Robertson presented “The Bedan Arthur: The Relationship between Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Historia regum Britanniae and The Ecclesiastical History of the English People”.