Announcements, Awards

Two Graduate Students Receive Awards

calinda-shely-framed3Calinda Shely received an award from the graduate student success scholarship from the college of A&S. The Graduate Student Success Scholarships provide support of up to $9,000 for program continuation and completion. The Success Scholarships are need-based scholarships that provide financial support to domestic and permanent-resident graduate students currently enrolled in a terminal masters or doctoral program. Graduate Studies and the Office of Financial aid jointly administer the Graduate Student Success Scholarship to eligible graduate students. Designed to help students continue or complete their degree programs, the Success Scholarship allocates funds to the colleges and schools so that they can use the scholarships strategically for their graduate programs. Though tuition and health care are not included as part of the award, the scholarship may be renewable up to two semesters. Congratulations, Calinda!


PhD Candidate Julie Williams is the recipient of the Charles Redd Center for Western Studies summer research award. The Redd Center’s grants are awarded to scholars whose research leads to a better understanding of the history and culture of the Rocky Mountain West. Williams will travel to Las Vegas, Nevada to do archival research on the history of atomic testing and the cultural implications of the military and tourist presence during Cold War era Nevada. Her research on atomic culture and Miss Atomic Bomb contests will appear in a chapter of her dissertation, “Embodying the West: A Literary and Cultural History of Environment, Body, and Belief.”