Eva Lipton in Foundling Review Publication

Eva Lipton workshopped her piece, “Beating Their Breasts” with Stephen Benz in a Rananim session, which is the online workshop platform for the UNM Summer Writers’ Conference. Rananim is available to all levels and types of writers, and gives them the opportunity to write, learn about the craft of writing at their own pace, and receive personalized feedback from university professors and/or working professional writers, as well as from their classmates on discussion board forums.

For Eva, “Beating Their Breasts” simply presented itself to her – an image of ululating women in the desert, which led to the premise. She says, “the story wrote itself in an hour.” One participant involved in the Rananim online workshop for Eva’s piece was not sure whether she would be able to respond since she had experienced a similar type of loss as is in Eva’s story, but claims that the story is so authentically written that she felt it needed to be recognized. A powerful piece, read it here at the Foundling Review.