Heading to Harvard for her PhD: Olivia Carpenter’s Work Opens Doors

Olivia Carpenter is currently writing an English Honors Thesis supervised by Professor Carolyn Woodward on the eighteenth-century writer Eliza Haywood.  Much of the research for this project was accomplished in summer 2015, while studying at Brown University under the auspices of the Leadership Alliance Summer Research-Early Identification Program.  A member of UNM’s Honors College, Carpenter is, with Dr. Renee Faubion, currently teaching “When Poe Talks to Freud: Theories of Horror.” Carpenter has been invited to pursue studies toward a PhD by the University of Wisconsin/Madison, the University of Chicago, Harvard, and Rutgers. The University of Wisconsin/Madison informed her via a telephone call from the Chair of Graduate Studies, which was followed up by phone calls from current graduate students. She was informed from Harvard via a phone call from Henry Louis Gates, Jr. himself! She is very much a wanted woman in the realm of academia.