BILS Professor Emerita Contributes Chapter

Feroza Jussawalla, Professor Emerita of British & Irish Literary Studies, contributed a chapter titled, “Pride, Prejudice and Precarity in Sri Lanka: A Reading of Yasmine Gooneratne’s Sweet and Simple Kind” in Representations of Precarity in South Asian Literature in English edited by Professor Om Prakash Dwivedi.

This book analyzes precarious conditions and their manifestations in recent South Asian literature in English. Themes of disability, rural-urban division, caste, terrorism, poverty, gender, necropolitics, and uneven globalization are discussed in this book by established and emerging international scholars. Drawing their arguments from literary works rooted in the neoliberal period, the chapters show how the extractive ideology of neoliberalism invades the cultural, political, economic, and social spheres of postcolonial South Asia. The book explores different forms of “precarity” to investigate the vulnerable and insecure life conditions embodied in the everyday life of South Asia, enabling the reader to see through the rhetoric of “rising Asia”.