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Join Us for Translingual Literacy Studies Colloquium

Please join us for the first Translingual Literacy Studies Colloquia Series Event via Zoom on Friday, September 17 at 12:00-1:00 p.m. (MDT) featuring Professor Morris Young (University of Wisconsin) with Abygail Gutierrez, Department of English Honors Student and McNair Scholar, for a presentation on “Discourses of Exclusion and Anti-Asian Rhetoric.”

This inaugural event will connect Young’s project proposal regarding the Chinese Exclusion Act with his scholarship in Asian American rhetoric/literacy and current COVID-19 racist backlash.

With “Reimagining the Asian/American Citizen-Subject: Transnational and Transrhetorical Tactics,” Morris Young shows how citizenship has served in the U.S. as a synecdoche for race, gender, social class, and migrants by examining public rhetoric circulated during the period of Chinese Exclusion (1882-1943) to unpack commonplaces such as language, the body, and identity that are often invoked to create a sense of national community.

Abygail Gutierrez will be providing a pre-Event YouTube Presentation in conversation with Morris Young’s scholarship as well as reading an original Memoir reflection of Fillipino American immigration narratives.

For further information contact: Professor Michelle Hall Kells, Translingual Literacy Studies Coordinator at