Announcements, Presentations

Medievalists Attend International Congress on Medieval Studies

Pictured, top row: Gerard Lavin, Bradley Tepper, Alex Ukropen. Pictured, middle row: Doaa Omran and Dalicia Raymond. Pictured, bottom row: Abigail Robertson, Jessica Troy, Karra Shimabukuro

Several Medievalists attended the 52nd International Congress on Medieval Studies held at Western Michigan University.

Doaa Omran, PhD Candidate, participated in a roundtable, “Flyting Poetry across Medieval Cultures.” Omran also presented, “Alkhansaa and the Tradition of Pre-Islamic and Early Islamic Female Poets in the Arabian Peninsula.” She furthermore was an organizer for the UNM Institute for Medieval Studies-sponsored, “Dead Poet Flyting Karaoke” Performances, which Abigail Robertson presided.

PhD Candidate, Karra Shimabukuro organized a roundtable entitled, “Medieval(ist) Bodies and Boundaries.”

“Fear and Free-Will in the Monsters of Beowulf,” was presented by MA Student, Alex Ukropen.

PhD Student, Gerard Lavin presented, “Þe forme to be fynisment foldez ful selden”: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and the Dynamics of Performance.”

Pictured, top row from left to right: Dalicia Raymond, Gerard Lavin, Stephanie Violette. Pictured, bottom row from left to right: Jessica Troy, Abigail Robertson, Alex Ukropen

Bradley Tepper, who recently graduated with his Master’s and will be joining us again in the Fall to continue towards his Doctorate, presented, “What Happened to the Cup Tat Runneth Over? King Alfred’s Translation of the Twenty-Tird Psalm.”

Dalicia Raymond, a PhD Student, presented, “Dressed to the Nines: Pearls and Spiritual Morality in Pearl, Cleanness, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

“Disfgurement and the Dead: A Case for Common Authorship of the Cotton Nero A.x Poems and Saint Erkenwald,” was presented by Doctoral Student, Jessica Troy.

Abigail Robertson, a Doctoral Student, organized and presided a roundtable entitled, “eManuscripts: Digital Humanities and Medieval Studies,” which was sponsored by the Institute for Medieval Studies here at UNM. Robertson also presented, “Sanctus Locus, Sanctus Corpus: Saints, Relics, and Religious Devotion in Tenth-Century England.”