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Assistant Professors Beth Davila and Cristyn Elder Receive National Award


UNM’s new Stretch and Studio Composition program is recognized nationally for innovation.

Dr. Bethany Davila and Dr. Cristyn L. Elder are the recipients of the national Award for Innovation for their design and implementation of the Stretch/Studio Composition program at UNM. The award, given by the Council on Basic Writing at the annual Conference on College Composition and Communication, recognizes college and university programs implementing new or unique ways to improve the success of developing writers.

The Stretch/Studio program, designed to support UNM students with lower test scores, replaces the Introductory Studies English course, which did not earn students credit toward graduation. The award-winning program helps students move through required core courses more quickly and earn credit toward graduation while also valuing the linguistic and cultural diversity of our students at UNM. Read more about the award and the Stretch/Studio Composition Program here.