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Laurie Lowrance

Laurie Lowrance

PhD Candidate

American Literary Studies

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Office Location: Humanities 264


Laurie Lowrance is a PhD candidate in American literature. Her teaching and research centers on multi-ethnic literatures of the nineteenth and early twentieth century with a concentrated interest in Mexican American and Native American women writers of the greater Southwest. Laurie’s dissertation theorizes that, while works by Mexican American and Native American women writers often use the mid-nineteenth century and the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo to document continued loss of culture and to fight for a more accurate and complete historical record, their works often also document the creation and re-creation of hybrid forms of domesticity specific to the Southwest. These “regional domesticities,” as Laurie calls them, serve as specific forms of domesticity that assert the vital importance of studying domesticity, decoloniality, gender roles, folklore, historical romance, regionalism, settler colonialism, and the West and Southwest. Examining works by Jovita González, Adina De Zavala, María Amparo Ruiz de Burton, Sarah Winnemucca and others, Laurie contends, provides a means of decolonizing the Southwest and re-inscribing a more complex and accurate history of the region through the always contested space of domesticity.

Laurie has taught sections of ENGL 2610 Earlier American Literature, ENGL 1410 Introduction to Literature, ENGL 2120 Expository Writing, ENGL 1110 Accelerated Composition, and ENGL 1120 Composition III.

Laurie’s article “Resistance to Containment and Conquest in Sarah Winnemucca’s Life Among the Piutes and María Amparo Ruiz de Burton’s Who Would Have Thought It?” appears in the Spring 2018 edition of Western American Literature, and she has presented her research on multi-ethnic women writers of the greater Southwest at numerous regional and national conferences including the WLA, C19, SSAWW, ALA, and MLA


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