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Profiles of Current Interns

Marisa Abeyta

Professional Writing Major and Women Studies Minor

Photo: Marisa Abeyta

Marisa Abeyta is a senior at the University of New Mexico. She will graduate in May 2013 with a B.A. in Professional Writing and a Minor in Women Studies. She has completed Professional Writing coursework in Proposal and Grant Writing and Editing. While taking Proposal and Grant Writing, she worked closely with two colleagues to write a grant for the New Mexico Holocaust and Intolerance Museum. This Spring 2013 semester, Marisa is taking a Feminist in Action class that requires field experience with a local organization. Marisa has always had a great interest in helping others and would like to serve her community by volunteering at the New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

From September to December 2012, Marisa interned with Albuquerque The Magazine. During the internship, she learned how to keep up in the fast-paced field of journalism. Marisa’s duties included maintaining archives, conducting interviews with business professionals, and writing several brief articles that were then published in three monthly issues.

She is currently employed at Dillard’s as a sales associate. In this job, she has gained excellent communication and customer service skills. Upon graduation, Marisa hopes to use the skills she has learned in both her academic and internship work to enter a career in the field of Professional Writing. Marisa also wants to obtain a teaching license and attend graduate school in the near future.

Catherine Agriesti

Professional Writing and Pysychology Student

Photo: Catherine Agriesti

Catherine Agriesti is a senior in the Professional Writing Program at UNM with a minor in Psychology. She is scheduled to graduate in December 2013 after several appearances on the Dean’s List. Catherine is a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. As a hardworking student, she has put all of her effort into her studies, performing well in various courses in Professional and Technical Writing, the most recent of which is the Internship Seminar where she has just been approved for a Professional Writing internship with the Marketing Department of the City of Albuquerque. She hopes to work with various technologies and mediums to put the skills she has obtained from her diligence as a student to work in a professional writing environment.

After graduation, Catherine aspires to work in the design and editing fields of Professional Writing. Advertising and publishing have always intrigued Catherine and driven her to work for a Professional Writing degree, so that she can one day use her interests to assist companies with their visual materials. She is familiar with Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, QuickBooks, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign.

Rebecca Casteel

Comparative Lit and Professional Writing Student

Photo: Rebecca Casteel

Rebecca Casteel is a senior earning a dual degree in Professional Writing and Comparative Literature and plans to graduate in May of 2013. Rebecca has completed courses in professional writing, expository writing, proposal and grant writing as well as many courses in literature. She is currently a writing intern for Popejoy Hall’s marketing division.

Outside of her interest in professional writing, Rebecca is an experienced horseback rider and has competed in numerous horse shows in the Hunter/Jumper division in Las Cruces and Albuquerque.

She is also an avid reader, and owns more books than will fit on her bookshelves. Rebecca hopes to one day work for National Geographic.

Renee Chavez

English Major, French Minor, Future Editor, and World Traveler

Photo: Renee  Chavez

Renée Chavez is a senior at the University of New Mexico who will be graduating in the summer of 2013. She is majoring in English with a concentration in literature anda minor in French. Pursuing this degree has included coursework in technical editing, literary theory and criticism, the history of the English language, authors such as Milton and Shakespeare, and seminars on the culture of Paris and the history of the various French Revolutions. She has also spent a year studying abroad to improve her French and widen her view of the world.

She is proficient in Microsoft Word, Exel, Powerpoint, Outlook and can speak French at an intermediate level. She has had experience working in a range ofprofessional environments from military bases to aquatic centers to theaters. Renée is currently an intern at the National Hispanic Cultural Center Foundation and is helping with an event to launch STEMArts and Dream Builders this spring.

Based on her interests in languages, literature, travel, and art, her plans in the future to be an editor for a publishing company or to work abroad for the government using her language skills and adaptability to new cultures and environments.

Margarita Fuchs

Professional Writing and Business Student

Photo: Margarita Fuchs

Margaret Fuchs is a senior at UNM, with a concentration is Professional Writing, and a minor in Business. She plans to continue her education by achieving an MBA through the Anderson School of Management, thus making contract management her ultimate career choice.

Margaret’s passion is writing, although business management has been her main career path in the past. She feels merging the two will create a multiplicity of opportunities just as the Professional Writing program has offered the same dynamic by interrelating courses such as visual design, editing, and technical writing. She is committed to her family as well as a full-time class schedule and she looks forward to the growth that will follow by applying the skills learned through her years of management with those skills acquired through the English Department at UNM.

Her internship is through the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court, in which the course work at UNM prepared her for writing documents such as proposals, public relations releases, white papers, analysis reports, and contract writing. She speaks fluent Spanish and English and is confident the skills and abilities mentioned here will offer a foundation for her continued growth as a writer, while providing an opportunity to add value to the workplace.

Natalie Gaik

Professional Writing and Communications Student

Photo: Natalie Gaik

Natalie Gaik is a senior at the University of New Mexico. She is studying English with a focus in Professional Writing and pursuing a minor in Communication. She hopes to graduate from UNM in the fall of 2013 and plans on going to graduate school to further her education. The graduate schools she is currently considering are DePaul University in Chicago, IL and Emerson College in Boston, MA.

Natalie was born in Stuttgart, Germany and grew up an Army Brat, something that has played a big role in shaping her easy-going yet focused personality. She has many interests, which show through the courses she takes. She loves words and language and has taken both Spanish and Latin courses throughout her time at UNM. She has also delved into social psychology, philosophy, and web design. She loves Shakespeare and is fascinated by the Tudor era in English history.

Natalie has been working at Barnes and Noble Bookstore for the past two years, which has given her a wider knowledge of the book industry. She hopes one day to be a successful publisher or editor. Natalie would be happy working for a book-publishing house, editing for women’s magazines, or teaching at the high school level.

Alec Jamerson

Professional Writing Major and Communications and Journalism Minor

Photo: Alec Jamerson

Alec N. Jamerson is a senior at the University of New Mexico majoring in English with a focus in Professional Writing, and minoring in Communication and Journalism. As an intern working for the Cultural Services Department of the City of Albuquerque, writes press releases, ads, and updates the department’s Facebook page and Twitter account. His other duties include writing standards of procedure, and researching laws that are directly related to city ordinances and event planning.

Alec’s ambition to become a lawyer spurs his drive to not only become efficient in composing and interpreting the written word, but to do so with as many different types of documents as possible.

When he is not composing documents for work or school, Alec enjoys studying Japanese, swimming, and improving his debate skills by engaging in conversations that border the philosophical and nonsensical.

Sara Kirkpatrick

Professional Writing and Economics Student

Photo: Sara Kirkpatrick

Sara Kirkpatrick is a Senior at the University of New Mexico who is pursuing a double major in Economics and English, with a pre-professional concentration. She will graduate in May, 2013 and then she will apply to Law School.

She currently is an intern at the Harwood Art Center in downtown Albuquerque, a non-profit organization that provides art outlets to community members of all ages. Here she is writing gallery reviews and articles on events. Sara will also be assisting with writing grants, a skill she learned while taking English 418, Grants and Proposals, at UNM. In addition, she has been actively involved in Howl Raisers, a student group on campus that works with the Lobo Marketing Department in the effort to get more students to attend Athletic Events. Her experience working with the department has taught her to plan and market such events.

Sara enjoys attending athletic events and hopes one day, as an attorney, to write sports-related contracts. She also enjoys riding horses, running, baking, and traveling. She also spent time in Nicaragua studying economic development and she is interested in microfinance loans, as she feels they give great opportunities to those that are most in need of financial help. She hopes that any time taken off between graduation and Law School will be spent traveling and helping those in need.

Benjamin Lande

Professional Writer and Future Attorney

Photo: Benjamin Lande

Benjamin Lande is a senior at the University of New Mexico who plans on graduating spring 2013 with a BA in Professional Writing and a minor in Computer Science. Benjamin has also completed the University of New Mexico’s honors program. He is applying to law school for fall of 2013. Benjamin has done two internships with international mining concern, Freeport, McMoRan, Copper, and Gold during the summers of 2010 and 2011. Benjamin was also offered a summer internship by Honeywell in 2011. During the summer of 2012 Benjamin studied abroad in Cyprus and then visited many European Union countries.

Benjamin volunteers time teaching children how to play chess at a charter school. Benjamin is also a part of Nourish International and volunteers his time helping the organization raise money to help people improve their living conditions. He plans to go to Peru this summer to help build a health clinic on behalf of Nourish.

Benjamin currently works in the New Media & Extended learning department at UNM. He works supporting web conferencing and also editing standard operating procedures (SOPs) for WebCT, Learn, and Collaborate documentation.

Connor Lites

Professional Writing Student, Linguist, and Future Attorney

Photo: Connor Lites

Connor Lites is a native of New Mexico entering his final year at UNM. He is an English major with a Pre-Professional concentration and a minor in Foreign Languages, focusing in Japanese and French. He aspires to attend law school soon and eventually focus in international law. He is a member of the UNM University Honors College where he has been exposed to intensive writing and reading. Through his involvement at UNM, he is a member of two honor societies and has appeared on the Dean’s List. His experience in Foreign Languages has given him exposure to communication in many different cultures, and has allowed him many new opportunities in achieving his aspirations.

Currently Connor is proud to currently work as an intern at the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court, where he is gaining experience in reporting, analyzing case files, working with court administration, writing annual reports, working with judges, and gaining a great understanding of the legal system. He hopes that this will give him much experience when applying for and attending law school.

Andrew Montoya

Future Minister and Professional Writer

Photo: Andrew Montoya

Andrew Montoya is a senior at the University of New Mexico, majoring in Professional Writing with a minor in Psychology. He will graduate in the spring of 2013. He is currently an intern with a non-profit organization called The Students Rights Campaign. Andrew has been placed in charge of conducting grant and proposal writing to raise funds for an educational project that will support the program.

In 2012, Andrew has developed newsletters for his local Christian church, and has written personalized letters to church supporters and donors. He plans to go into the ministry with his local church upon graduation and continue his career in Professional Writing.

Andrew would like to expand on his knowledge in the field of Psychology after graduation, and pursue a Master of Psychology degree through the University of New Mexico’s Clinical Psychology program.

Andrew is versed in working with Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, and Excel. He looks forward to graduation and has high hopes to use his training in the University of New Mexico’s Professional Writing program to further the world.

Julie A. Pascal

Geoscinetist, Science Fiction Buff, and Professional Writer

Photo: Julie A. Pascal

Julie Pascal is a returning student at the University of New Mexico where she is majoring in Earth and Planetary Science and minoring in Professional Writing. She looks forward to the challenges of communicating the wonders of science and exploration to a broad audience.

Julie is an amateur science fiction writer and is involved in on-line writing communities as well as the Albuquerque science fiction community. She has been on staff as the volunteer coordinator for the local science fiction convention, Bubonicon, for three years. Currently in her Professional Writing Internship Julie is able to incorporate her science fiction genre experiences into travel articles for Event Management International. She is responsible for completing research on travel destinations and for tailoring the articles she writes to a web-based, interactive, environment.

In addition to these creative applications, Julie sees a need and opportunity within her major area of study to apply her writing skills to clearly communicate, record, and make accessible, scientific and technical material. She hopes to write and edit grants, proposals and studies related to Earth and Planetary Science and Economic Geology in either the public or private sphere.

Wendy Stein

Human Services and Social Policy and Professional Writing Student

Photo: Wendy Stein

Wendy Stein is a senior at the University of New Mexico. She will graduate in the spring of 2013 with a BA in English and Sociology, with concentrations in Professional Writing and Human Services and Social Policy. She has maintained above a 4.0 GPA in both majors. Classes in visual rhetoric, web writing, and professional writing have allowed Wendy to attain expertise in document writing, design, and web writing. Sociological study and statistical analysis have honed strong skills in Internet research and high proficiency with SPSS software.

Professional and volunteer experience includes advocating for disabled members of the community in order to secure available resources and opportunity. Wendy also provides support in APS classrooms, organizes and participates in fundraising opportunities for numerous organizations, and creates marketing materials for various events.

Wendy is currently serving as an intern for New Mexico AIDS Services. She is working on grant writing, website content writing, and is also helping with various events. Wendy wants to use her writing skills in order to advocate for members of her community, a passion she hopes will turn into an employment opportunity upon graduation.

Camila Valdez

Professional Writing and Anthropology Student

Photo: Camila Valdez

Camila Valdez is a technical writing student who sees the field as a beneficial and practical field to study. Her experience in writing and communication includes extensive papers on cultural analysis including ethnographic vignettes, proposal and grant writing, recommendation reports, press releases, marketing, branding and design.

In addition to her academic works, Camila has communication experience in customer service. She prides herself in being able to communicate clearly about important subjects, such as those she worked on at the Children’s Grief Center of New Mexico as well as providing a good customer experience to the guests that come in to her current workplace at Johnson Center, the University of New Mexico’s gymnasium.

KeriLynn Warner

Professional Writing Major and Business Minor

Photo: KeriLynn Warner

KeriLynn Warner is a senior in her final semester at the University of New Mexico, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in Professional Writing and a minor in Management. KeriLynn also possesses an Associate’s degree in Business from Central New Mexico Community College. Throughout her studies at UNM KeriLynn has maintained a 4.0 in her English courses. Courses completed include Traditional Grammar, Professional Writing, Business and Professional Communication, Web Writing, Visual Rhetoric, and Editing, among many others. Additionally, KeriLynn’s academic achievements include being a recipient of the competitive Dale and Ivan Melada Scholarship in Professional Writing.

KeriLynn is presently an intern at Allen Sigmon Real Estate Group where she has rewritten, revised, created, and proofread multiple documents. She is currently in the process of revising and recreating Allen Sigmon’s Human Resources manual.

KeriLynn recently worked at a hotel as an Administrative Assistant to the General Manager where she had the opportunity to create the monthly newsletter, flyers and other documents that aided her in gaining experience and sharpening her skills as a writer and editor. Additionally, KeriLynn worked as a Human Resources Assistant at a non-profit company where she gained experience creating forms, letters, and memos.

As graduation approaches, KeriLynn hopes to obtain a permanent position in the field of professional writing where she can utilize her skills as a writer and editor.